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Dato Darren Yaw’s Step-by-Step Approach to a Clean Residence

Dato Darren yaw clean house

You’re getting a professional when you choose cleaner from darrenyawnursery. One of the distinguishing features of the Darren Yaw Singapore expert cleaning business is that we clean with a strategy in mind.

A cleaning technique that is scientific and structured while also allowing you to integrate your personal preferences.


Checklist for House Cleaning By Dato Darren Yaw

Dato Darren Yaw stunned to discover our secrets.  We enjoy cleaning and training. We also know that our clients appreciate our service. Sharing is also beneficial. To cleaning your residence effectively and completely, utilize Darren Yaw Singapore house cleaning guideline:

Before moving from place to place, Darren Yaw Singapore suggested pausing to listen to some wonderful, upbeat music. That’s an improvement. Now pick up the junk, and feel comfortable to second-guess your stuff as you go.

You have less to set aside, clean, and dusty the less you have: Is it advisable to give and trash books, journals, calendars, DVDs, equipment, toys that the kids have overgrown, old laptops that you’ve overtaken, and old clothes and shoes in the closet.

As you prepare to clean, Darren Yaw Singapore recommends turning off light lights and overhead fans. If you have any cupboards that you’re frightened to open, Dato Darren Yaw suggests confronting your concerns and organizing them.

With microfiber cloths, dust from left to right, and to bottom. This will reduce allergies and improve indoor air quality. Dimmed cloths attached to the ends of cleaning equipment and brooms work wonderfully for cleaning cobwebs.

Dato Darren Yaw recommends using the rope to close paneled blinds one direction and clean, then shut them the other direction and continue. It’s more productive and quick than doing one panel at a time.


dato darren yaw cleaning house

Dato Darren yaw House cleaning tips


Remember to clean the edges of doors, ventilation, light fittings, photo frames, and certainly, every one of your knick-knacks.

To reduce streaks on the faces of framed images, TV screens, and computer monitors, Darren Yaw Singapore recommends using glass cleaner on a soft cloth or microfibre.

Vacuum. Check to see if your bag/compartment is already filled, and utilize the appropriate settings and connections. Dato Darren Yaw advised scrubbing the entire house’s flooring and upholstered furnishings.

Be shocked at all the lost objects you discover under your couch pillows, such as socks and your beloved pen.

Clean/mop/treat the flooring (except kitchen). Start cleaning at the furthest corner of the floor and work your way back towards to the entrance, suggests Darren Yaw Singapore. After every 4 x 4 foot square, rinse the mop.

Cleaning the furniture. Some hardwood furniture requires a good cleaning now and again.


Dato Darren Yaw’s Kitchen Cleaning Guidelines

  • Clean the counters and cupboards (Darren Yaw Singapore advised, start at immediate right of the stove). 
  • Appliances should have a clean face (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher).
  • Clean the stovetop. 
  • Clean the microwave’s interior.
  • In the sink, soak the stove drop pans and controls.
  • Cleaning around and inside the sink.
  • Scrub and sweep the floor (Dato Darren Yaw suggests, go light on cleaning product in the water to avoid build-up).


Dato Darren Yaw’s Bathroom Cleaning Guidelines

  •  If you haven’t previously done so when cleaning, Darren Yaw Singapore recommends removing rugs and wastebaskets.
  • Remove all items from the tub/shower.
  • In the tub/shower, put a bath rug.
  • Warm water in the tub/shower doors.
  •  Let tile and grout cleanser to sit for a few minutes.
  • Dato Darren Yaw advised spraying/cleaning everything except the toilet, vanity, shower/tub, and mirror using all-purpose cleaner.
  • To prepare for floor washing, fill a container using 14 cup all-purpose cleaners and water.
  • Scrub the tub/shower walls and doorway while standing on the bath mat (Darren Yaw Singapore recommend: using grout brush in-between tiles as needed).
  • Scrub the tub/shower floor with tile and grout cleanser.
  • Bathing rack/soap dishes should be clean.
  • Shower track is clean.
  • Rinse the tub/shower walls and wipe with a towel.
  • Pour tile and grouting cleaner in the sink, as well as the soap dish. 
  • Clean the counter with an all-purpose cleanser.
  •  Clean the sink.
  • Along the faucet and drain, use a grout brush.
  • Rinse the sink as well as the rag.
  • Wipe down the vanity top.
  • Clean the cabinet doors.
  • Apply glass cleaners on a soft towel and buff the mirror.
  • Make the faucets sparkle.
  • Clean the floor using the mixture in the container and leave to dry.
  • Carpets, bath mats, and wastebaskets should all be replaced.


Dato Darren Yaw’s Bedroom Cleaning Guidelines

dato darren yaw cleaning up bedroom

Dato Darren yaw cleaning up bedroom


If you’ve previously cleaned, dusted, and scrubbed the house and organized your wardrobes, your bedrooms will be nearly finished. To sum up, simply say:

  • Make your bed.
  • Straighten.


Dato Darren Yaw Cleans Windows Guideline



 Dato Darren yaw cleaning window



  •  Wipe with papers after using a streak-free glass cleaner (Darren Yaw Singapore advised: don’t spray on too much).
  • Use a professional-grade squeegee to clean large and difficult-to-reach windows.
  • Remove window coverings from frames and scrub with an all-purpose cleanser and warm water mixture. Dato Darren Yaw recommended cleaning each screening with a stiff brush, rinsing it with an exterior hose, then reinstalling it in the window to drying.
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